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If someone naively did buy your stolen phone from the thief and checked the IMEI number in the database, it will instantly alert the buyer that the phone was stolen property. Some of the database in certain countries also link this to the police database so that law enforcement can immediately act on it. Here is some example in certain countries where this database have been developed to help customers retrieve back their phone using IMEI number.

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You can check their website here. You can submit your IMEI number there, and if someone did buy your stolen phone and check it in the database, the law enforcement could immediately investigate it. If you are in the United Kingdom, similar services like this are the Immobilise website. The database has been there for a while, and the services do not limit to cell phone recovery only but also to all stolen goods and property.

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A step by step guide on how you can track your phone using the IMEI number. Please leave us a comment if you think this article might have been useful for you and can help you trace your lost phone. Read also our previous article on the ultimate guide on how to track your lost phone. If you are using an iPhone, you might be comforted that Apple has included a function in which you can find your iPhone if you misplaced it or got your iPhone stolen. As your iPhone is one of the most critical and expensive gadgets that you own, this function will come handy to you in the future.

Your iPhone might also have relevant files or photos that you would not be able to replace. By knowing these three ways how to find your iPhone in case you got it stolen or lost, this tips can increase the chance of you retrieving back your iPhone. Alternatively, you can also erase your iPhone remotely if you afraid that the person who stole it might access to your private data in your iPhone.

However, you should have activated the Google Maps location sharing first before you lost your iPhone as pre-requisite step or this method would not work. First, you need to install the Google Maps app on your iPhone.

How to Know the IMEI Number without iPhone

Once installed, in your iPhone, go to Settings. If all the above tips did not work for you, the last resort is to use your iPhone IMEI number as a way to find your iPhone. You can ask for your service network provider the assistance on this as they can use their vast network of a cell tower to track your iPhone based on your IMEI number. However, not all countries allow this. It is very much dependent on your country as well as the services that are being offered by your service network provider. So, if you have tried all the methods above but still could not track down your iPhone, the first step you need to do is to Here are the steps on how to find your IMEI number.

Part 1. The Easiest Way to Track iPhone Location without Person Knowing

So, there you have it — three ways how you can find your lost iPhone. Please leave us a comment below on what other methods that you have used to try and find your lost or misplaced iPhone. Please also read our previous article on the ultimate guide on how to find your lost smartphone. If you owned a smartphone for a while, you probably are aware of the phone tracking location embedded in your phone.

This function serves as an essential feature in tracking your iPhone if you lost it or got it stolen. You can easily track the location of your iPhone by using this embedded location tracking feature.

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Read in our previous article on how to track your lost iPhone step by step. However, the downside of having a location sharing capability in your iPhone is that someone may misuse the function and use it as a way to track you down without your consent. There are several ways you can know if your iPhone is being tracked or it is giving away your location. It functions as a way you can track your family and friends. It also allows you to share your location with your friends or families.

Some other ways iPhone can share location is through Apple iCloud.

Can I Track My iPhone with the Serial Number and IMEI

The iCloud allows you and any other of your Apple devices to be connected. Therefore, the location of the devices also is shared. However, if you have older Apple devices that might change hand, you might not be aware that these old Apple devices can track your location if you are not careful.

Here are the steps to know if any of your old Apple devices are tracking your iPhone. Another strong sign that your iPhone is sharing your location is battery usage. This is because sharing real-time location requires a lot of battery power. So, if your iPhone suddenly ran out of battery juices in a short time, it might be that your iPhone is sharing your real-time location to a third party device.

See also if any apps that use GPS exhibits a high percentage of activity even though you are not actively using it. This sign shows that the app is actively transmitting your location to other devices. Open the app and see the location sharing settings. Some apps that can transmit your location in real time are WhatsApp and Facebook. So, there you have it — three simple ways how you can quickly check who is tracking your iPhone.

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3 Ways How to Track Mobile Phone Using IMEI Number

Please also read our previous article on how to track your phone without using the internet. If you are an avid user of the instant messaging application on your mobile phone, you will have used or heard about WhatsApp. As such, try Find My iPhone before trying any of the other options. You can see a very accurate location for your iPhone from Find My iPhone and also click a link to play a sound on your iPhone or lock your iPhone.

Call your provider and say that your iPhone is missing.

Find the IMEI number of lost phone (iPhone, Android & WP)

Your wireless provider will then track the iPhone and may be able to give this information to you. In some cases they may require that you also file a stolen property complaint with your local police department if the device was stolen before they give you the location of the iPhone. Some wireless providers may outright refuse to locate the iPhone using the IMEI number and so you must look at other options. Submit your IMEI number to these databases and you will be contacted if the device is located.

This is less effective than having your cell phone provider check the IMEI number and track the device, but it is still an option worth considering if your iPhone has been stolen. If you are attempting to recover your iPhone after it has been stolen, be very careful. It is recommended to contact your local police department and have them recover your iPhone for you.