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This app allows users to listen in on conversations by amplifying the microphone of the user's smartphone. The app requires users to put on earphones to hear the enhanced sounds being picked up by the microphone, which spies can use to eavesdrop on the plans of their enemies.

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This app allows users to trace an unknown caller, to make sure if it really is another spy calling for help or a criminal disguising as one. Hide Calls Automatically - free for Android.

Frequently Bought Together

With Secret Calls, spies can protect their contacts and keep their call activities safe, as the phonebook icon is hidden and all call logs are automatically deleted. ReconBot is able to discreetly record video and audio and take pictures, with the time that the app starts to record able to be adjusted by the spy using it.

Spy Message - free for Android. Spy Message allows spies to send messages to other spies in a spy-looking interface, with the messages set to self-destruct at the user's specified time minus the explosion. Self Destructing Message - free for iOS. The iOS counterpart for Spy Message, this app offers the same functionality in an interface that is also apt for spies.

Sneaky Cam - free for Android. The app allows spies to take pictures without other people noticing them, as the app replaces the camera background with any other background that the user chooses. Spy , Spying , iOS , Android.

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I wasted so much of my money with it, and not one of it's dumb products can work without glitches! Who likes that stuff? You made some pretty good ones on your website, except I noticed some of the previous ones are no longer on there, so you should make an app for the games or just separate apps with one game in each app. Take your time and re-read this, please. I love it!

It's perfect! It said everything that you could do on this app and no one should say that there probably be more! It's so fun to make so many IDs and stuff! It is a little annoying thought that you had to scroll down. But that's all! I am having a lot of fun!!

2. TheOneSpy

I can add a cow boy hat and a seriously hot mustache on my profile? This app is fun, creative and well-designed! The glow effect is a nice touch on every level, feels very : I am so ready to go on a spy mission. Bring it on!

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Requires iOS 5. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad.