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Upgrading, you will replace your primary subscription with the new plan. The new subscription expiration date is calculated from the date of upgrade. How to add multiple licenses to same FlexiSPY account? If you already installed FlexiSPY on one device, you can add another smartphone you spy on. Purchasing a FlexiSPY plan, you will get your original login and your license. But you can also make a purchase being logged in the system.

Thus, buying a plan inside your dashboard, you will add another license to your account. To add multiple licenses to own account, log in to previously created account. Account name or number will be displayed near the FlexiSPY logo.

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License will be added to your account. You can switch between two, three or more license to check the activity of each user. You can buy and add an unlimited number of licenses. Adding PC or Mac desktop license to a mobile phone plan, you will get an overview of online activity of the particular user. What plan should I go for? FlexiSPY offers two subscription plans, which covers different spying features.

How to Install FlexiSPY

Extreme plan covers a slightly bigger set of spying options. It includes all the Premium plan features, but also offers some exclusive options. Reinstallation requires physical access to the device. But, upgrade of the software can be conducted remotely. Log in to your online portal and upgrade to the preferred version.


How to you use your portal to search for specific data? FlexiSPY stores recorded activity in your online portal. Here you can review logs, download and delete them. FlexiSPY removes 90 days old data from your portal. But you may be sure that data, which is deleted by FlexiSPY is completely erased. FlexiSPY offers refund policy to all their clients. If customer managed to install, activate and use the software, FlexiSPY representatives would ask for a reasonable explanation for their disappointment with the software. The client should also provide reliable evidence.

FlexiSPY guarantees refund for all their customers. Support staff deal with every request precisely to resolve all issues the customers may have. Customers are not restricted in the right to claim a chargeback. In result, many of them may commit chargeback fraud. FlexiSPY considers chargeback a type of fraud. FlexiSPY will gather all account information along with recorded activity logs and present them to authorities for further investigation. Consider this if you are going to fill a chargeback.

You can always cancel the chargeback. To do this, you should contact your bank or credit card provider and request a chargeback reversal.

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The reversal will return the money to the FlexiSPY ltd. FlexiSPY servers store your data only for 90 days. After this time all the recorded logs and other information are automatically deleted from the servers.

FlexiSPY offers their customers large data storage. You can store over M of data, but this often results in poor performance of the whole system. FlexiSPY technical team struggles to handle performance issues and improve data processing. The amount of data used depends on type of activities that are being monitored by the system. FlexiSPY software is always running in a stealth mode. Thus, the application waits to capture the information you intend to spy on. The system downloads them into your account without causing the massive increase in internet data use.

On the other hand, some features still require some data. If you set up the app to monitor gallery and capture large files, such as video and high-resolution photos, you will spot a considerable increase in data use.

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GPS-based features also require a lot of data. If you intend to receive GPS location logs frequently, be aware these features will considerably increase data usage. Can FlexiSPY capture only the data you need? FlexiSPY software is easily customizable. You can enable monitoring only those activities you need and disable capturing unnecessary data. You can also set up the app to monitor GPS location two-three times a day to save the data.

Feel free to change these settings anytime you need to.

A special timer chooses the time when the software connects to the Internet to transmit all logs to your online portal. You can change these whenever you want. The data will be processed in real time or at the specific time chosen by you. You can minimize data use by setting the software to send reports less frequently. This makes things even easier, as you can set the timer to upload data only using Wi-Fi. If the device connects to the Wi-Fi several times a day, you can eliminate the use of mobile carrier plan.

FlexiSPY uses data only to upload files and logs. That means if your kid has megabytes of files, the software will use this precise amount of data to transmit the logs. You can easily customize the settings of the app. You can choose, which applications and activities have to be monitored and when the logs should be uploaded. How much phone battery does FlexiSPY software use? Thousands of FlexiSPY users ask this question. After installation of the software on the target device, the data will be uploading automatically. What features cause battery drain? Battery use depends on the type of activities you decide to monitor and how frequently the servers upload and transmits data to your online portal.