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It is the lightest of all on system resources. If you are using your anti-malware program as your only line of defense, then sure a few percent may make a big difference, but then you also are a fool. Try ensuring Windows firewall is activated. Configure Windows Defender to update itself before scanning and do a quick scan daily to keep it up-to-date. Install Unchecky to prevent piggyback PUPs being installed without you noticing. Install an anti-keylogger Zemana.

Install a browser anti-exploit shell Malwarebytes to contain web attacks through most browsers. The sum cost if you're careful to use the right version of each: zero. The number of infections in the past six years: zero.

Should You Disable Windows 10 Telemetry? - Smart Buyer

That's ZERO. The number of infections for the previous three years using full paid Kaspersky suite: four. Kaspersky did stop the infections though, and the system was safe,but I was paying for it. The number of infections that required completely reinstalling Windows previous to that using a combination of Spybot, Adaware, AVG free: three. I was advised to get rid of all antivirus programs before installing K. Thanks for helping me do so very efficiently. I have upgraded to Windows 10 recently.

I bank online and I found the need to upgrade to a more comprehensive protection tool. Norton Security has performed very well for many years and it was the obvious choice.

How to Disable Windows Defender in Windows 10

Like it is mentioned here in the article, I was not able to change the Startup Type in the properties window of WD service. It reads Manual and is grayed out. Also, WD is not listed in the Startup Processes list. All I did was to restart my laptop after changing the settings and Norton automatically took over, I guess.

Go Norton! Most malware is written for ulterior motives - fraud, stealing personal info, botnets etc The article is not opinion, but a how-to. I even went through a few of the reasons as to why you'd not want this program around any more. The title was assembled from the popularity of search engine results - so clearly a lot of people are interested. Not a fact, simply your opinion. Even my girlfriend who whilst technically minded isn't one for command lines and kernels has now replaced Windows 7 with Ubuntu.

I'd probably get a Mac one day to do the same. Because, Charles, some of us are running laptops that are tweaked and we don't need stuff calling home on a phone line or taking up our resources. Plus, I have 'repaired' many computers that have this thing running on it. It doesn't work. Some of us like to have a choice.

Really this is one of those stupid uninformed articles which will reduce people's security rather than improve it. Windows Defender runs at such a low level that most people will be hardly aware that it is active, it uses very few resources certainly a lot less than similar 3rd party tools , is very unobtrusive and therefore simple to use. It is free, definitions are regularly updated and includes root-kit detection. It runs fine in tandem with AV Tools, even other anti-spyware tools.

So why is it one would want to remove it? Is it effective. Well is any tool of this sort entirely effective. No, it's not. That doesn't mean you throw that subscription out. I have come full circle. MSE or Avast are fine. Windows firewall is plenty adequate, Windows Defender is fine. All are lightweight, unobtrusive with good independent technical reviews.

Should You Disable Windows 10 Telemetry?

I can't find the article now though. When using MSE together with some other antivirus program you need to add each of them to the exceptions list of the other one in order to avoid conflicts. I use Windows Defender Essen. I actually keep Comodo running at times, and have found a couple of things that Defender did not. Nothing serious tho At some Bonnier sites and through certain promotions, you can submit personally-identifying information about other people.

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How to Disable or Enable Windows Defender in Windows 10

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